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About Us

We cater the needs to downtorned soceity

The organization was formed with a basic motto of providing health services to both human as well as animal

In order to cater the needs of the downtrodden society as well as to bring awareness among the rural people, Anajori Development Society, a Non Governmental Organization was formed on 16th of September, 2015, after a decision taken in a General Meeting held at Kalafakirtola LP School. Anajori Development Society is registered on 13th November 2015 under society registration act 1860. The registered office of the organization is situated at Ward No-4, Jail Road, P.O.-Milanpur, District-Nalbari, State-Assam.

The society deals with the human and Animal health which will contribute to the vision of Healthy India and socio-economic transformation. The society also deals with catering the needs of the agricultural sector. Further, the organization have conducted Free Veterinary vaccination camp, awareness camp on veterinary extension program, Animal health awareness program , profitable scientific poultry farming, Pig farming, Seminar on prevention of zoonotic disease (Human to Animal & VS) awareness program on conservation of wild life animal and awareness program on scientific dairy farming.


Our soceity is dedicated to the mission of creating an environment for affordable human and Animal health


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Anajori Development Society has been dedicated to the mission of creating an environment for affordable human and Animal health which will contribute to the vision of Healthy India and socio- economic transformation. Today, the rapidly changing society is facing a number of challenges. A non Governmental organization is a social instrument to address all the issues of immense importance. With an definite objective a NGO must act as a window mechanism to upgrade its technical abilities so that it can serve the society in the best possible away and it has been our unifying Endeavour of this NGO to generate an intellectual property, human resource, skill India and Healthy India which finds a secured place for human being in this earth.
The Indian Constitution has made health care services largely a responsibility of the state governments and thus, it primarily becomes the responsibility of the state to provide health care to all the people in equal measure. Since health is influenced by a number of factors, such as adequate food, housing, basic sanitation, healthy lifestyles, protection against environmental hazards and communicable diseases, the term “health care” embraces a multitude of services provided to individuals or communities by agents of the health services or profession, for the purpose of promoting, maintaining, monitoring or restoring health. The purpose of health care services is to improve the health status of the population and deliver the health care services. It operates in the context of the socioeconomic and political framework of the country and involves management and organizational matters. The health care delivery system in India can be grouped into 5 types:
a) Public Health Sector which includes Primary Health care, Hospitals/Health Centres, Health Insurance Schemes and other agencies such as Defence Services and Railways.
b) Private Sector.
c) Indigenous Systems of Medicine such as Ayurveda, Siddha, Unani, Tibbi, Homeopathy and unregistered practitioners.
d) Voluntary Health Agencies.
e) National Health Programme.
The essential functions of the Health Care Facilities are: a) Medical care.
b) MCH including family planning.
c) Safe water supply and basic sanitation.
d) Prevention and control of locally endemic diseases e) Collection and reporting of vital statistics.
f) Education about health.
g) National Health Programmes as relevant.
h) Referral Services.
i) Training of Health guides, health workers, local dais and health assistants.
j) Basic laboratory services.
On the basis of the above essential functions of Health Care System, Anajori Development society is trying to work as a Small health care delivery system since its inception and as part of this the NGO has conducted, free health check up Camp for both Human & Animal, different seminar create awareness among the people regarding sanitary measures, safe drinking water, maintenance of hygiene at home spreading & prevention of STD, communicable & non communicable disease, Health education & Nutrition, management of Chronic disease like Diabetes, Thyroid, Hypertension and Health diet of pregnant & infants and breast feeding from time to time.